The quality of our products is vital to their success so formulation and ingredients are crucial and there are a number of product features and benefits, which are applied to our own branded animal products.

All extruded

All the diets are extruded. This ensures microbial stability, presentation, long and stable shelf life as well as promoting the digestibility through the cooking process.  All diets are manufactured in a modern, dedicated, medicine, free ISO 9002 controlled.

Highly palatable

Taste and acceptance is guaranteed through the use of custom designed animal protein based coatings. Absolutely no artificial flavours are used.

Cater for all tastes and needs

The range includes economy and premium working dog food. These diets include a variety of protein sources, a mix of wheat, wheat gluten free, whole grain and grain free diets, as well as life stages, life styles and a price range to suit all pockets.

Fixed formulations

 Providing the consistency demanded by the discerning owner.

Preferred ingredients

The ingredients included in our products are selected from a limited range and include those that are well accepted by the dog and owner alike.

Beneficial levels of trace nutrients

The trace element and vitamin additions have been developed using some of the most up to date research and practical information, ensuring support for a wide range of important parameters such as immune function and coat condition.

Traceable and dedicated

All ingredients are traceable and from dedicated approved suppliers. This ensures that our specifications and requirements are met.

Protein quality guaranteed

Achieved by using high quality animal protein materials from approved suppliers with protein extracts where necessary to ensure correct amino acid balance.

Our Packaging

We have two styles of packaging available in our portfolio. We have a transparent bag for our economy working dog range and a premium paper effect for the premium working dog range.


Our products

We have tailored our range with marketplace positioning in mind to ensure that stockists can offer their customer base a variety of dietary options. These fall into the working dog category with an economy and premium offering.

Build your brand

We want to take the complexities of brand development out of the equation so have developed our ‘Build Your Brand’ portal where you can apply your own branding and choose your own products.