How long has Gold Line Feeds been manufacturing working dog food?

Private Label Gold Line Feeds is a part of Gold Line Feeds Ltd and has been manufacturing animal feeds for nearly eighty years. At our midlands based factory we produce feeds that feed locust’s right through to elephants. We have been manufacturing highly regarded pet food for over forty and we strive to constantly produce in-demand feed of the highest quality.

Why would I opt for Gold Line over other private label dog food manufacturers?

Gold Line Feeds has been in the private label game for many years and understands the necessities of the market. We have developed a range of working and pet dog diets in choice of grades which have been positioned to help our customers convert their customers from the leading brands on their private label. We have developed a ‘Build Your Brand’ portal where stockists can design their own labels and brand their own range of dog foods. Our packaging has been designed to compete with the leading brands on the market, to enable of customers with the best chance possible to convert their customer’s in-store.

How easy is it to create my brand?

We have made the design process to be as simple as possible, so much so you can build your brand in less than 10 minutes. The design process has prompts throughout, yet should you need further assistance on how to create your brand then simply click here.

Do I see proofs of the design?

Yes, absolutely. We ensure that when a label is created that a PDF is generated for approval. It is up to you to flag up any spelling or grammatical errors so this is an essential process.

I am not IT savvy… is there any way in which Gold Line can help create my brand?

Whilst we have made the ‘Build Your Brand’ portal to be as easy-to-use as possible, we understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to create their own branded labels. We offer an in-house design service where you can outsource the design work to us. For our in-house design service pricing, click here.

Can I re-order on-line?

Yes, and very simply too. We have made the account area user friendly so you can quickly re-order within seconds, and you can create draft orders for completion later meaning you can go about your day and do the things which matter to you.

How long will it take for my private label products to be delivered to my store?

From the approval of your PDF label and the placing of an order, we aim to deliver products within four working days (if placed before 12noon).

How many private label dog products are available?

We offer a total of 21 canine diets, across two grades in the working dog category, economy and premium. The range is designed to meet a range of customer and retailer requirements.

What level of support will I have with my order?

You will have full control of your account. You will design your brand and place your own orders. However, should you need support then you can submit a ticket request for on-line queries via out support platform. Should you need account assistance then we will allocate you with an account manager who will be happy to help.

What level of quality assurance is there?

Quality assurance is everything to us. We acknowledge that a pet owner wants the best for their pet so we ensure we have measures in place for quality control. Please click here to visit our quality assurance page for more information.

Why would my customers buy a Gold Line private label product over the leading brands?

We have positioned our diets and packaging design to facilitate our customers with products which will effectively convert their customers. We have analysed the market and understand where each brand positions their products, so we have formulated a range to appeal to your shoppers and provide excellent value for money.