Our Products

Understanding the marketplace is key for success in the pet food industry. We know this better than most, as we have been manufacturing pet food for over 25 years and have adapted our approach over time to ensure that we are always offering in-demand high quality products. To enable you to stock the most suitable products for your store and customers, we have developed a range of complete diets to meet health and life stage requirements of active dogs.


Our Economy range offers the best nutrition for the best possible price. The diets have been formulated specifically for working dogs and include natural antioxidants, omega 3 acids and biotin for coat condition.

Puppy/Junior is high in chicken and has been designed to have a smaller kibble for smaller mouths.
Adult Economy
A complete food suitable for adult working dogs. Adult Economy is a cost-effective, safe recipe which contains beef and beet pulp and oats as functional fibres.
Wholemeal Mixer
A complementary food suitable for all adult and senior dogs. A perfect option for owners who prefer to feed their dogs a meat and biscuit dinner.
Working Flake 20%
Working Flake 20% is an economy extrusion-based muesli mix, offering variety and colour. The muesli is packed with chicken and vegetables, and contains low-to-moderate energy levels and essential fatty acids and zine to aid coat condition.
Rich in Chicken with Rice 19%
Rich in Chicken with Rice 19% is a complete feed designed specifically for adult working dogs.
Rich in Chicken & Rice 23%
Rich in Chicken & Rice 23% is a cost-effective option, with a popular 'chicken and rice' product claim which is sure to be popular in-store.
Rich in Chicken with Vegetables
Chicken & 3 Veg 25% is a premium wheat-gluten free recipe that is rich in chicken with three vegetables.
Wheat Gluten Free - Rich in Chicken
A complete wheat-gluten free feed with chicken and rice that is designed specifically for adult working dogs.
Rich in Lamb with Vegetables
Economy diet formulated for working dogs. The recipe is high in lamb and contains a natural blend of antioxidants, vitamins A and E to help support the immune system and a coat condition package.
High in Chicken
Improved from the better known ‘Chicken Green Special’ giving the shopper an affordable high in chicken diet.

Premium Work

All our Premium diets are wheat-gluten free and naturally hypoallergenic with optimum levels of key nutrients. Added value inclusions such as herbs, glucosamine and salmon oil bring additional benefits which enhance the appeal of these diets as well as helping provide support for joint and skin condition and digestive health.

A complete chicken recipe that is wheat-gluten free and naturally hypoallergenic developed for puppies and growing dogs to help support steady growth, development, and overall well-being.
Lamb & Rice
Premium diet which is rich in lamb with whole grains and offers an appetising blend of ingredients for a superior taste.
Rich in Chicken, Rice & Oats 22%
Chicken with Rice & Oats 22% is a wheat gluten free feed for working dogs, with added beneficial inclusions such as green lipped mussel and glucosamine.
Rich in White Fish
Rich in White Fish offers a delicious fish based dinner with natural antioxidants, omega 3 and biotin to give all-round well-being support to adult dogs.
Adult Salmon 27%
Adult Salmon 27% offers a premium wheat-gluten free endurance diet packed with flavour and benefits for the active working dog.
Rich in Tripe 23%
Adult Tripe 23% offers a premium wheat-gluten free diet packed with flavour and features sought after inclusions such as green lipped mussel and glucosamine.
Salmon & Potato (Grain Free)
Salmon & Potato has been formulated without cereals and features a number of key inclusions, including omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and green lipped mussel.
Adult Salmon Rice and Oats
Senior/Lite with Chicken & Beef
Senior/Lite with Chicken & Beef is a nutritionally rich complete diet that has been formulated with lower protein and fat levels to assist weight loss and management for overweight adult dogs or older dogs needing a lower calorie diet.